Fashion is a means of expression. I believe that self-respect starts with the art of expressing yourself through the clothes you wear. How fabric feels on the body can awaken sensuality; certain color combinations nurture your creative side. Bisou Bisou inspires women to not be afraid to get noticed and to get out and have fun. I design versatile clothes for different occasions for the day and I always make sure that I have classic pieces that can be the backdrop of a wardrobe and can be used multiple times over the years.

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       In every aspect of my life, I am in a high pressure position. I spend most of my day answering questions and solving problems. Painting is a place where I don’t have to think. Everything is pure and true and safe. There are no adverse consequences from my choices—there is only expression. Painting releases emotions and allows me to show weaknesses and sensitivity. It’s not about me–the energy moves through my body, through my hands and manifests in the paintings.

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     When I began yoga, I was too intimidated to go to a class. But I knew it was something I had to do. It was like my life depended on it. I was juggling my marriage, my kids, the business—my mind was always going and I needed to find peace. My asana practice lead me to the deeper aspects of yoga. I am constantly studying.

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